Recessed Fascia - Bezel
Flush Fascia - Bezel
Recessed Fascia - Bezel Free
Recessed Fascia- Bezel Free
Module End Caps
Ribbon Cable, Mains and Dimming Connectors

  • Spacers available as standard or with inbuilt PIR
  • PIR Fascia only suitable for use with Luminaires with Gear Types F, G
  • Recessed and Flush Fascias are available in Bezel and Bezel Free format
  • Both Bezel and Bezel Free End Caps are available
  • 16A seven core ribbon cable provides mains and dimming feeds

  • To Specify Hacel Skylink Components, all product codes can be found on the Product PDF

    However, due to the nature of system specification, our Lighting Design team are on hand to assist with your requirements. Please contact