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Take Control. Get Connected.

Setting the Scene

Connected, by Hacel, is a Casambi enabled wireless lighting control system that uses Bluetooth technology to enable users to control their lighting from a smartphone or tablet. The Connected system consists of small, wireless lighting control modules that can be easily installed in light fixtures or integrated into LED drivers. These modules communicate with each other using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, creating a network that allows users to control their lighting from a central location.

The Casambi app, available for both iOS and Android devices, provides users with an intuitive interface for controlling their lighting. With the app, users can adjust light intensity and colour temperature, create custom lighting scenes, set timers and schedules to optimise energy consumption and create adaptable lighting scenarios for different needs and spaces. The entire range of Hacel lighting can incorporate Connected Smart Lighting controls. Hacel are proud to offer this versatile solution with endless capabilities at your fingertips.

Hacel luminaires are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Our dedicated and experienced technical team can assist and advise on your smart lighting requirements.