Wallwasher Grid


The ultra slim LED Wallwasher is a revolutionary product showcasing inconspicuous streamlined illumination and offers exceptional energy efficiency and longevity. With a sleek, sculpted design, the LED Wallwasher exudes harmonious, uniform lighting intrinsic with display illumination.

  • Unique extruded aluminium 'drop down' asymmetric design
  • Available in a choice of lumen outputs, delivering up to 3960 lumens
  • Efficacies up to 113 lm/W
  • Outstanding performance with an LOR of 0.86
  • Zhaga Book 7 LED
  • Utilises high quality lighting class LED semiconductors
  • Delivers illumination directly into the wall and ceiling junction
  • Tridonic converters including DALI, Digital and Switch Dim versions
  • Recessing depth of only 31mm
  • Life expectancy in excess of 60,000 hours (L70 B10)

  • To Specify: Hacel Wallwasher LED, Ultra Slim Grid Luminaire

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