Vertigo® Duet


Utilising refractor lens control to provide an accurate distribution of light, Vertigo® Duet Highbay is perfect for a host of application including Warehouses, Retail Outlets, Showrooms, Exhibition Venues, General Applications and Sports Halls (IK08 Compliant). Vertigo® Duet Highbay offers the full benefit of class leading LED lighting; light quality, long service lifetime, excellent UGR performance, reduced energy consumption and maintenance.

  • Available in a choice of lumen outputs delivering up to 10,720 lumens
  • Efficacies up to 116 lm/W
  • Standard Wide Beam and Optional Extra Wide Beam refractors are ideally suited to general illumination
  • The Narrow beam refractor option is perfect for a host of application areas including Warehouses, Production Facilities and Retail Outlets
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 45°C
  • Life expectancy in excess of 60,000 hours (L70 B10) at 25°C ambient and 49,000 hours (L70 B10) at 45°C ambient
  • Colour stability within 3 MacAdams
  • The PIR Detector defaults can be modified with the use of the Hand Held Controller or Programmer (contact our Lighting Design department for advice)
  • Versatile installation solutions include Suspended, Surface, Trunking and Gripple. (Gripple and Trunking not supplied wth fixings)
  • Suspension versions supplied with 2 x 2m Suspensions and chrome clutches as standard
  • IK08 Compliant

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