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We are independently certified Carbon Neutral under the PAS2060 standard

 At Hacel, we are fully committed to a carbon neutral future. As a responsible manufacturer, we recognise our accountability and contribution towards sustainability and the discipline of environmental management is an integral part of our strategy. Our focus is driven towards energy efficiency both in our design and manufacturing processes, and within our facilities.
Below you can find an interactive floor plan which outlines the efforts we make to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the business.

View our Qualifying Explanatory Statement and Certificate here:



Lighting Control is at the heart of our business and it has a significant effect on reducing our energy consumption, carbon impact and creates a better working environment. Our manufacturing and office facilities are illuminated with Hacel designed and manufactured luminaires incorporating Connected Bluetooth technology which enables each luminaire to have its own individual setting or grouped to form zones. This offers opportunities to harvest natural light, when present, to subsidise artificial lighting, initiate presence detection, preset or vary lighting levels and illuminate, as and when varied lighting scenarios may require.

For further information on how we can help your business to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint with bespoke lighting design and Hacel luminaires please contact our Lighting Design Department.