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Oche – The Strand

Oche, The Strand, London

On the Strand, in the heart of London, Oche seamlessly blends the sophistication of a modern restaurant, the excitement of a lively bar, and the thrill of interactive dart games.

Warm tones and contemporary design elements create an inviting ambiance, setting the stage for memorable moments with friends and loved ones. This atmosphere is enhanced by the use of Hacel’s Explora Halo Pendant. Utilising the Direct lighting variation of this product ensures adequate lighting for the requirements of the space whilst elevating the interior’s aesthetic with a bespoke brass finish, fitting the contemporary design of Oche.
Hacel’s Aart Micro Spotlights and Lightline Tape have been incorporated into the bar and playing areas, highlighting focal points requiring precise levels of illumination, making the space functional and elegant.

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