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Designed and Manufactured in Great Britain

SkyMod® Wafer Grid

The ultra slim SkyMod Wafer luminaire features a high quality, polycarbonate micro prism refractor offering UGR <19, maximising visual comfort whilst promoting energy efficiency.

  • Ultra slim profile of only 9mm
  • High quality Polycarbonate Micro Prism refractor offering UGR <19
  • Luminance limit below 3000cd/m2 at the 65° cut off in accordance with SLL Code for Lighting 2012
  • TP(a) rated as standard
  • Delivering up to 3610 lumens
  • Efficacies up to 108 lm/W
  • Wireless Lighting Control available, see Connected video for full overview
  • Life expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours (L80 B10)
  • Wide choice of high quality control gear

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Product specification: SkyMod Wafer Grid