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Post Brexit Statement

Hacel Lighting has taken active steps to ensure business continues as normal during this post Brexit transition.

To prepare for Brexit, we examined all areas of our business and supply chain to fully understand any potential risk areas and minimise disruption; whilst also investigating new business opportunities. We are extremely confident moving into this next phase, that the consequences of Brexit will not affect our ability to supply Hacel products of a quality recognised and expected by our clients and customers.

Hacel Lighting are well positioned; 98% of our products and 81% of component parts are manufactured and sourced within the UK. For transparency, please find further details below which outline statistics for both our component and product source:

We continue to invest in our manufacturing process to provide quality lighting products and remain dedicated to deliver unwavering service and support to our customers during the transition. Hopefully, this will give you some reassurance that we have plans in place, but if you have any further queries, we are available to discuss any specific concerns.

Hacel Lighting are committed to embracing the challenges Brexit presents and are confident Britain continues to be a place for businesses to thrive.