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Lighting for Well-being


The impact of lighting on productivity, health, and well-being is now widely recognised and understood. Lighting plays a vital role in our daily life and can have a significant impact, for example adequate lighting is important for visual comfort and can help improve mood, increase productivity and have a positive effect on mental health.

Besides the physiological and psychological aspects, the ever-changing energy markets have also increased interest in lighting efficiency and control. This has led to a greater focus on maximising the use of natural daylight and integrating it into lighting design to improve the overall experience and well-being of individuals. Natural light is particularly important to sleep patterns and can help regulate the body’s circadian rhythm.

Having access to natural light, through windows or skylights can have a positive impact on mental health. The use of artificial light can be designed to mimic the colour temperature of natural light at different times of the day, for example, cool toned, blue rich light can be used to stimulate the bright, cool light of a clear morning, while warm toned, yellow – orange light can be used to stimulate the softer, warmer light of a sunset. Read about Circadian Rhythm – Tunable White by clicking here.

Hacels range of lighting can be programmable and personalised using our Casambi enabled Smart Lighting Controls, which allows the user to control the light intensity and colour replicating the natural light which occurs throughout the day. Personal preferences for lighting can vary, so providing individuals with control over lighting intensity, colour temperature, and even direction can enhance their sense of well-being. Smart lighting systems and user-friendly controls allow for customisation and flexibility.

Incorporating dynamic lighting that can change in colour and intensity over time can create visually engaging and stimulating environments. This can be particularly beneficial in spaces where people spend long periods, such as workplaces, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Consulting with Hacel’s in house lighting designers, who consider the latest research and best practises, can help create lighting solutions that promote well-being and enhance environments. Hacel’s range of luminaires, designed and manufactured at our purpose built factory in Great Britain, can incorporate the latest Lighting Controls. This intuitive solution is controlled via an app to enable users to adjust their lighting to suit individual, group or spacial requirements.

Click here to find out more about our Casambi enabled Smart Lighting Controls: