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Lighting and Carbon Footprint


Lighting plays a significant role in our daily lives, and it also has an impact on our carbon footprint. Reducing the carbon footprint associated with lighting involves adopting energy efficient practices and technologies.

LED’s are the most energy efficient option available, they use about 90% less energy than fluorescent lamps, are versatile and have a much longer lifespan.

LED’s are constantly improving in terms of efficiency and can future proof your lighting system. Using gear types such as Hacel’s Casambi enabled Smart Lighting to implement lighting controls can adjust light levels based on natural light availability, optimising and potentially reducing energy usage. Using occupancy sensors can also have a similar effect, read more on Presence and Absence Detection and How to use daylight gain.

Instead of replacing your entire luminaire it may be possible to use a Retrofit Gear Tray for use with your existing luminaire. Hacel Lighting can supply LED gear trays which can work with your existing Hacel luminaire or design bespoke gear trays for use with luminaires manufactured by alternative suppliers. A Retrofit gear tray can prove to be the most cost effective way to upgrade to LED and can save on the cost of a complete luminaire replacement, reducing installation costs as well as decreasing your carbon footprint. The phase out date of flourescent lamps in the UK is 1 February 2024, click here to read about our Retrofit Gear Trays

At Hacel, we have been certified Carbon Neutral, to see what efforts we made to do this take a look here Carbon Neutral