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Energy Efficiency


There are several notable advantages to reducing energy consumption in lighting design. Firstly, it enables businesses to make substantial cost savings on their energy bills, which is especially critical in buildings where lighting often accounts for a substantial portion of overall energy usage.

Secondly, it offers significant environmental benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants associated with energy production. This can contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change, reducing Carbon footprint and improving air quality. In addition to these benefits, reducing energy consumption in lighting design can also lead to improved lighting quality.

At Hacel, all of our products and the raw materials that are used are considered to minimise environmental impact across their entire life cycle and promote ‘Eco-Design’ principles as part of the standards we work to. We encourage our clients to utilise Casambi enabled Connected Lighting Control to further reduce energy consumption; therefore reducing carbon footprint.

Efficient lighting can produce brighter, more natural light that is easier on the eyes and promotes a more pleasant environment. Moreover, energy efficient lighting systems tend to have longer lifespans, which translates to reduced maintenance costs and better sustainability. A Retrofit Gear Tray can prove to be the most cost effective way to upgrade to LED and can save on the cost of a complete luminaire replacement. Hacel Lighting can design retrofit, high quality, gear trays, which can work with your existing Hacel luminaire, or design bespoke gear trays for use with luminaires designed by alternative suppliers.

Using Hacel, quality, energy efficient lighting combined with the energy reducing advantages of using our in-house lighting design team offer a compelling value proposition for businesses looking to enhance their sustainability and minimise environmental impact.