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Wireless Emergency Simplified


Facilities, Asset, and Estate Managers responsible for regularly testing emergency lighting systems in buildings now have the option to install the Tridonic Building Asset 360 Wireless lighting solution. This innovative cloud based platform solution enables automatic configuration of testing procedures and generates test reports.

The wireless technology eliminates the need for manual testing, streamlining the monthly testing process, saving time and effort. Instead, the system automatically conducts the required tests, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

Once the testing is complete, the Tridonic solution generates comprehensive test reports. These reports are securely stored in the cloud, allowing easy access for Facilities Managers, Asset Managers, and other stakeholders. The platform facilitates seamless sharing and collaboration, promoting efficient communication among the relevant parties.

By implementing this Wireless lighting solution, Facilities Managers can enhance the overall management of emergency lighting systems. The automated testing and cloud-based reporting feature provide accurate documentation, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving operational efficiency.

Overall, the Tridonic Building Asset 360 Wireless lighting solution offers a convenient and effective way for Managers to ensure the proper functioning of emergency lighting systems while simplifying the testing process and facilitating streamlined communication through cloud-based reporting.