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Daylight Harvesting


Daylight harvesting is a technique used by Hacels in-house lighting design team to take advantage of natural light in a building, the goal being, utilising optimal levels of daylight to offset the amount of electrical light needed to illuminate a space in order to reduce energy consumption and costs.

The basic principle of daylight harvesting is to use lighting control systems to measure the amount of natural light in a space. Sensors send signals to the system, which adjusts the amount of light being emitted by the fixtures in the space.
Hacel’s Casambi enabled Connected Smart Lighting control system can be configured to provide different levels of light depending on the time of day, when there is plenty of natural light, the control system can dim or turn off artificial lights in a space, saving energy and reducing costs.
Click here find out How to use daylight gain with Smart Lighting Connected and to see how our lighting design team can provide the solutions to help your business.