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Circadian Rhythm – Tunable White


The impact of lighting extends beyond sleep-wake cycles. It also affects other physiological functions, mood, and overall well-being. Properly timed exposure to bright, blue-enriched light during the day can help enhance alertness, improve cognitive performance, boost mood, and regulate circadian rhythm. On the other hand, minimising exposure to bright light, particularly blue light, in the evening can promote better sleep.

Understanding the role of lighting in regulating the circadian rhythm has led to the development of various technologies and practices, such as Tunable White technology. These systems aim to mimic the natural changes in light throughout the day, providing the appropriate spectrum and intensity of light at different times. They can be beneficial in environments like offices, schools and hospitals, to optimise lighting conditions for productivity, learning, health, and sleep.

The majority of Hacel luminaires can be supplied with Tunable White technology. Speak to our lighting design team about Tunable White lighting solutions contact us.

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