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LightLine® RGBW - IP20

LightLine offers seamless, continuous diffused lines of light with no spotting, creating focused illumination or layering, adding depth and atmosphere to any professional lighting scheme. LightLine RGBW delivers bright, homogenous light and is a versatile and energy efficient lighting solution. RGBW combines the features of RGB with the addition of 3000K and 4000K white allowing for a wide spectrum of colours. Diffused On Board LightLine Tape eliminates the requirement for extrusion with diffuser; making it a simple solution for applications where the LED may be seen on a reflective surface, where a clean diffused light is required and also where space constraints make using an extrusion impossible.

  • Lumen outputs from 220 to 801 lumens per metre
  • Width Dimensions 12mm
  • Supplied with 5M reels, cuttable every 62.5mm
  • LED quantity per metre 896
  • IP20 rated
  • Fitted with 3M adhesive tape for ease of installation
  • Choice of gear types including Smart Lighting Control


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