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Lighting for Education


Lighting design in education plays a crucial role in creating a conducive learning environment and has a significant impact on students’ academic performance, well-being, and overall learning experience.

A lighting scheme from Hacel ensures that classrooms are well lit, minimising eye strain and visual discomfort. The correct illumination helps students read and comprehend information better, optimising focus and concentration leading to improved learning, engagement, and participation.

The emotional well-being of students is also positively affected, as a well designed lighting scheme creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, exposure to natural light and balanced artificial lighting has been linked to better brain function , memory retention, and overall cognitive performance. Safety and visual comfort are enhanced, contributing to a secure learning environment.

By catering to different learning styles and integrating energy efficient and smart technologies, lighting design supports diverse teaching methods and promotes sustainability. Ultimately, aesthetically pleasing lighting design inspires creativity, pride, and a conducive environment for learning and growth in educational institutions.

The Hacel luminaires below are ideally suited to educational sectors.