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Barker & Stonehouse

Barker and Stonehouse, the largest independent furniture retailer in the UK continues their drive towards energy efficient lighting throughout their stores.

Barker and Stonehouse were established in 1946 and changed the landscape of furniture retailers in the North East. Always one step ahead of their competition Barker and Stonehouse realised the popularity of out of town shopping before their competitors and expanded into retail parks providing them with extra space and plenty of parking. Their commitment to sustainability runs throughout all of their stores, which are now nationwide. This 50,000 square foot store in Metro Retail Park, next to the Metrocentre is their latest retail space. Hacel lighting is used throughout the store, offering sleek design, powerful performance and accurate light distribution, ideal for a showroom environment.


"The overall reductions have been beyond our expectations."

"The implementation of the project from start to finish was impeccable and that is down to the professionalism of the team at Hacel Lighting - they understood what was important to us as a company moving forward with our ‘energy efficiency drive’. We set out to achieve a more sustainable direction and Hacel delivered."

Energy Management Team - Barker and Stonehouse