iMod® Duet


A clean, contemporary grid light with a unique design. The iMod® Duet utilises two high quality (duet) micro matt louvres with two subtly ribbed clear polycarbonate refractors. LG7 compliant in accordance with the SLL Code for Lighting 2012, the luminaire offers exceptional performance.

  • LOR of 0.72
  • Clean contemporary appearance with exceptional performance
  • Features polycarbonate refractors and mark resistant matt louvres
  • Suitable for 15mm and 25mm T grid ceilings
  • Shallow recessing depth whilst maintaining a flush appearance
  • Tool free lamp change and refractor cleaning
  • Refractor material complies with 850° glow wire test

  • To Specify: Hacel iMod® Duet Fluorescent, 600 x 600mm Grid Luminaire

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